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Sunday, October 11, 2009

things are rather looking up...

So I finally got my 1TB external hard drive! That means I won't be agonising over any important file I mistakenly shift+delete. Heck, my laptop can go missing and I won't cry, cos I've backed up my files baby! Okay, that was a joke. I love my laptop.

Was in lag this past weekend, and the boys took me to this joint. Nice, classy and all, but just one problem: apart from the one that came with us, I coulda sworn all the other chicks were...err...'workers'. I wanna shock die!

In other news, people just dey marry anyhow. The bug seems to have caught some of my friends as well. What shall we say to these things? Carry on joo! Me, I go dey hia dey watch una until I gree go near di bug make e bite me. But for now, I have my bug spray handy, and my bug repelant rubbed over every spare inch of my body. There's no hurry in life.

I met someone recently. Smart. Funny. Sarcastic. Ambitious. Hustler. Me likee. We talked; we joked a bit; we danced round the obvious; we laughed. We promised to do it again...see where it leads to. We had better. Cos I need this job. And he needs this copywriter.

Gotta get some sleep if I'm to make it early to work later today.

Good night y'all


CaramelD said...

I'm first! Yeah! Bring on the job!! We are praying! LOL@ Bug spray!

Freaksho said...

1TB.yes know NOW we can talk.I see you copying my movie folder (almost) without blinking.

incoherent said...

one up! i have a TWO TERABYTE ha ha

i feel you on the bug spray dude. i'm packing DEET brother!!

and good luck with the job. rooting for ya!

Fragilelooks said...

lol@bug spray. really theres no hurry. GOD'S GRACE ON THE NEW JOB. HOPE IT WORKS OUT 4 U.

Muse said...

@CaramelD: i know you've got my back.

@freaksho: i knew that before you did. lol.

@incoherent: 2TB? daumn girl! you're just as techno-whorish as freaksho! and that makes me hate you too.

deet? wow!

as for the job, thanks luv!

@fragilelooks: amen to that.

ibiluv said...

God's speed with the job

them just dress be all of them be.....

some of them na hubby dem dey find....*wink*

Myne Whitman said...

LOL, in that last paragraph tot the love bug almost got ya. Nice one..

When is the update?

Muse said...

@myne: truth is, try as we may, the bug always has a way of biting us hard in the ass! someday. the update's now.