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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Here I go again

I've decided that the love thing is not for me. At least for now. It's not that I've suddenly become allergic to love; it's just that....I don't know...whatever. So, while the rest of you cavort on the dreamy, chocolate-flavoured, vanilla-topped rolling hills of love, I remain adamant on my lonely trails on these dusty plains of Aba. Loveless. Careless.


In other news, I'm seriously considering doing a master's program. I realized – in fact, it startled me to high heavens – that after leaving school five years ago, I have not added one single dot to my degree. Now, some may not see this as a big deal, but having drawn up a virtual career path in my head, I know that I need this. Hey, wouldn't it be nice to be Muse PhD? Just asking.


Life's the same ol' same ol' o'er hur. Same ish, different day. Work's getting more annoying by the day, but I'm hanging in there 'cos I got a reason.


Not posted a new note for a while, cos, you know, sheeeze. I need a break, and I need it now.


Holla at my peoples living their dreams. This too shall pass.