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Friday, November 20, 2009

Get out of my head...

How many of y’all would write a poetry book? Seriously. I’m putting my manuscript together for the book which has been in the works since God knows when.

But first I need a printer. And money. Never forget that. Money is important. Talking with a colleague sometime last week revived this dream I've had for a long time, so I decided to finally do something about it. Like we all know, dreams are just dreams until we do something about them. So it's off the drawing board for me, and deep into the trenches!

Like Billy Ocean said, "Get out of my head and into my car!"

Anyhoos, since I have nothing particularly important to blog about, I leave you with yet another poem...hopefully, it should make it to the final stuff.

You’ll buy my book right? Right?

Have yourself a lovely weekend.

Joy knows no bound,
As sorrow, no foreign ground.
Pleasure lives by tears,
Like draught in happy years.
Light and darkness take
Turns, day and night to make;
Songs and noise, they flow
From the instruments we blow.
Lies and truth pour out
Through our sweet and sour mouth.
In God we say we trust,
But after riches we lust.
In life we give,
And in death we live.
Peace and strength come by our laws
That crumble in our paws.
We talk of peace and condemn war
Yet in us we crave for more.
Hug the day and condemn night
Yet the darkness shows our might.
The games we all played yesterday
Is the foolishness of today.
Yet we crave for yesteryears
And in our folly, nothing say.
The child is born, the man will come.
As night ushers in the morn.
Surely, the babe will return.
Such is life for everyone.
EARLY 2004 – 17\9\2005.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

I live to write another day...

Sorry I've been out for a while people. Blame it on the job. No, not the bank job, but (yeah you guessed right) my advertising job!

From the bottom of my heart, I thank all of you that have prayed for and lit candles for me. :) I'm so very grateful. Thanks CaramelD, Freaksho, Ibiluv, ~Sirius~, incoherent (my luv), and everyone out there who has wished me well. Thank you.

This is why I write.

To clear my head and purge my soul
In the vain hope it will make me whole,
To gather my thoughts and give it breath;
To die in life and live in death.

Call me philosopher, call me muse;
Call me whatever ye may choose;
See, life is naught but a passing scene;
With my pen and paper, I may intervene.

Of a valiant knight; my dragon slain,
Will rear its ugly head again,
But I’ll forever valiant be,
To rise and fall again – my misery.

That day will come that I write no more
As I journey through this exit door;
But my pen, my power, my mystery
Will write an everlasting tale of me.

This is why I write.