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Saturday, October 2, 2010

Nigeria at 50 - Day 3: Rickety, raggerdy bus ride...

Nigeria at 50, Day 2 - Ochuko

In Aba, like it is all over Nigeria, the bus is the prominent mode of transport there is. Quite ordinary and single-minded in its purpose of moving people from one point to another, there is nothing exciting about this motorised metal contraption.

Well, not until you get inside.

Deadbeat and ordinary as the bus may seem, it carries within it an amalgamation of some of the most interesting characters you have ever seen. From old men with toothy smiles to women with fat behinds, from young girls sporting the latest knock-offs to young men trying very hard to outquirk even Andre 3000, there is never a shortage of dramatis personae from a bus going from, say, Ogbor Hill to Ngwa road.

Nigeria, to me, is like that bus. Weather-beaten from years of neglect, rough-ridden by numerous inept and valueless drivers, running round the same route with no apparent focus, yet carrying the most optimistic and hopeful people I have ever met.

I am one of those passengers.

I am not your average once-in-a-year patriot who remembers to wear a touch of green every October 1st in solidarity with millions of clueless fellow Nigerians who rejoice at the thought of yet another work-free day; I am not your average smile-and-wave Nigerian who is grateful that at least there’s still life, and so we must hope for a better tomorrow. No, unlike the often-times docile passengers who are thankful that at least they got on an available bus, I am the one guy who shouts at the driver to caution him when he drives a bit rough; I am that guy that will take the conductor head-on for trying to take advantage of a passenger; I am that one guy that will threaten to report the driver to his superiors if he continues to misbehave; I am that one guy who will tell my fellow passengers off for trying to take up more space than is allocated to them. Because when you think about it, if this bus were not here, we would all have to walk for miles; if it breaks down, we will all be stuck in the middle of nowhere, and if it derails while we’re all on board, we’ll all most likely be dead. So yes, I have to speak out because this bus is the only ride to where I’m going.

I wonder if there are any other passengers like me. I wonder if there are any bloggers here who, although in this raggedy bus, will not just sit down and hope to God that the driver knows what on earth he is doing, but will speak out and demand that the right thing be done, the right road signs be obeyed, the right turns taken, and the right speed limits adhered to.

This may be a tall order, but when you think about it, there’s no option. As we celebrate our 50th anniversary, I will like us to have this thought at the back of our minds: we either lend our voices and strengths to make this nation work, or you can, as is the custom in Aba buses when you reach your stop, yell at the driver “Ka opuo!”

Happy Independence day Nigeria. One day we shall all be free.

Nigeria at 50, Day 4 - Diary of a Nigerian Girl

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Watch this space!

'Tis been 50years and the road has been quite long, join us as we celebrate Nigeria's Golden Age at oluSimeon on 1st October, 2010.

Friday, September 3, 2010

A little piece of me...

In some respect, and regarding some things, I have become somewhat of a cynic. Unlike the everlasting optimist, I do not always see the bright side of things. But unlike his ever-pessimistic counterpart, I do not always see the dark side either. On the contrary, I am that guy at the back of the room reading everyone's words and listening to their eyes. I dance in the thin line between dark and light. I make my home in that split of a second when everything is conveyed and nothing is said.


For me, the unspoken is louder than words; the deed, more eloquent than sweet serenade.


I watch more than I listen. I question every word I hear. I question every motive. And sometimes, I fall flat on my face.


It is a character flaw, I agree. However, more often than not, I find that we all have conveniently learned the art of deception so much that we become our worst victims. Hence, the optimist and pessimist lie. The idealist and the realist lie. You lie and I lie. And we're not about to stop.


What to do? Step back a bit. Look from a distant. Listen to yourself. Question more. Love more. Live more. Laugh more. We have one life, and the best we can do is to take a moment away from all the lies and take in all of the richness of life.


That, my friends, is a simple truth.




The sons of men

In Abassi's eyes

Lay naked

Under the noonday skies

Though covered we be

Through a mastered craft

That we do not see

For we have believed

And we now forget

What we really are

In Abassi's eyes

We are sons of men




Such is yin, such is yang.

Every rise gives way to a fall

As a push becomes a pull

Mountain top, valley low

A dead seed, a sprouting tree

And so the circle of life is complete

In dark and light

In flight and fight

In peace and strife

In death and life.


Such is living

Such is death

Such is yang

Such is yin

Such is the summary of all we are

That we push and we pull

We break and we mend

For there is no dark without light

No enemy without a friend


And on this lies the balance of life

We live that we may die

We stand that we may fall

We gather that we may lose

We are full that we may hunger


Such is the balance of life

Such is the summary of. who we are


So when you weep little one, empty yourself

That laughter may find room enough in your belly

When you dance to the drums reserve strength

For the day comes when you will be dragged against your will


Such is our fate

Such is life

Such is yang

Such is yin


Such is heaven and earth

Such is demise

Such is birth


Every rise gives way to a fall

Every push becomes a pull

A dead seed becomes a tree

Such is life for you and me.






Tuesday, August 24, 2010


Change is going to come some how

Change is going to come some way

Change is going to come some day

But that day is not today

'Cos today, we are the masters of our own fate

The weavers of our own bait

Enemies at our own gate

So still we keep a date

With poverty and corruption

Unforgivable self-delusion

Confessions and absolution

With no real intention to stop

With no intention to stop

But why should you?

Your uncle is a senator

And with his fine-flowing signature

He sustains your recurrent expenditure

After all, he IS a legislator

And you know that we do not know

How much we pay to sustain him

So why should we stop?

Why should we change?

And if we should change

Why change now?

For you see,

Change may come some how

Change may come some way

Change may come some day

But that day is not today

'Cos today, we're about to come into our own

Today, we're about to sit on our throne

Power to the people – if the people are us

Ours is a government for us, by us!

So when you talk of change, know you walk alone

When the revolution comes, it will be televised

But we, we will sit at home

Critiquing, politicking, conscience cold as ice

And so

The fire of youth is deadened by the reality of truth

That we do not wish to suffer pain

Yet in us we crave for gain

But how can we eat of the fruit if we do not climb the tree?

How can we climb the tree and not scrape a knee?

And how can we scrape a knee if we do not go uncovered?

If we do not go naked; if we do not discover

That the ones we hurt

When we betray trust

That the ones who bleed

The very ones we curse

That the ones whose lives are torn away by us

Are the ones we do the worst harm – Us?

Friday, August 20, 2010

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

I do this once in a while...okay, maybe more often now...

Okay people, today, I'm feeling some dark vibes. So, in giving into my mood, I post here two poems I wrote some while back.

Truth be told, I love the darkness.

Seriously...I walk into a public place and instinctively go to the corner that has my back to the wall and my eyes on everyone else.

My girlfriend says I walk 'by the wall' (whatever that means).

I have a knack of looking for the crack in every armour, cos I have this view that we all speak from the point of our bias, but try to put up a pious outlook. Then again, Lauryn Hill said "Everyday, people lie to God, so what makes you think that they won't lie to you too?" Just saying.

I've found out that life is as much dark as it is bright, and that most times, they compliment each other. None is more useful or beneficial than the other.

Embrace the light people, but respect the dark.

Ok...I'm rambling.


Night has come
As quick as morn
But there’s no need to mourn.
For the evening sun
Is a shining star
To him who’s life’s begun.

So dry your eyes
Tis all but lies
That which this life denies.
These gloomy skies
Shall shine as day
A blessing in disguise.

The traveller.
When the reaper comes
When his cold feet clop
On the rough, stony floor
Which I lay upon
And demands I follow
Though he grin at me
Let your heart not fear
Be not in sorrow
When his fingers slide
In a cold caress
Around this limp canvas
Below my watery eyes
Be not dismayed
For I have been ready
When the reaper comes
Tell him I’ve been waiting.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

on freaksho, ~sirius~ and all that's under the bridge.

Last week, Freaksho decided it was time to get ~Sirius~ with the rest of his life.

So he got married. Now, things are going to get ~sirius~ly freaky or freaking ~sirius~. Whichever way it works, I'm sure they'll be happy. (Ibiluv get your mind out of the gutter!).

It would have come to me as a bit of a shock, but knowing Freaksho, I doubt there's little he can do these days to surprise me - well, except he starts acting normal, that is. Ofcourse, I must add here that I was totally shocked - to say the least - when I found out that ~Sirius~ was _________ (what? you waiting for a name? free me jo!).

Anyways, here's wishin Mr. and Mrs. Freaksho a happy married life!

Now, let's talk about me.

Did I mention to you guys that I got a new job (again)? Well, this one's more fun, comes with more responsibility, a kitchen and a chill out room, which means I surely will be nibbling on a biscuit while watching the World Cup...all at work. Yeh!

Oh, and I got to meet my fav bloggers at Freaksho's wedding! Freaksho and ~Sirius~ (ofcourse), Incoherent and CaramelD. The only person missing was Ibiluv. Woulda loved to see that one (I can't wait to see what those naughty thoughts look like in person). And to think that a week (or two?) before then, I had done a shout out to all of them! Life, eh?

Vell then, here's me coming out of hibernation - I hope. Y'all have a blessed month ahead, and may all your hopes be met.


PS: Incoherent, CaramelD, Ibiluv...though y'all don't like the question, I still have to ask (it's my blog, afterall)...when una dey marry sef? tehehehehehehehehe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010


That’s the sound of the silence
That shatters our celebration
It’s the sound as our hearts
Fall to our bellies in trepidation
It’s the ringing in our ears
Adding music to our fears
Call your loved ones
Call your peers
The apocalypse is here
And if you’re close to God
Get on your knees and say a prayer
For the souls that will be lost tonight
Jos has gone aflare!

A village was standing here

And Kratos is an impostor, you see
The real god of war lives here
His prophets, ever near
Pouring hatred into our ears
Till we fight and kick
And bite and kill
Still the purpose is all but clear.

So boom!
Boom! Boom!
And just in case you missed it...
Watch out!
Yet again!

Yes, boom till the coal tar is red with blood
And boom to the most high – cos we kill for the lord
And boom to the infidels who will not heed his word
And boom till the earth is washed with fire like a flood

Washed with fire like a flood
I spilled my brother’s blood
For no real offence
Just that he doesn’t speak my mother’s tongue!

For how long will this go on?
For how long must our song
Be of burial and hatred
And stanzas of violence
Until love is an empty gong?

For how long will this go on?
For how long must our song
Be devoid of love and laughter and joy
And those little things we’ve forgot?

Tuesday, April 6, 2010


I think I’m lost. Floating perhaps. Steadily adrift in this mind-numbing sea of nothingness – an endless grey space where nothing seems to make sense, no matter how hard you try. A place where things can go from bright white to dark night without a moment’s notice, and the same thing you did yesterday is waiting for you today and tomorrow, until it snuffs whatever life you weakly cling on to.

There’s no need to count the days, for you see, time stands still here. So while a week is but a day, a month is just a year. And the more you run, the more you make holes in the ground from constantly marching in place.

Have you ever been there? Or is it here? Do you see me? Can you hear my thoughts? For while I’m lost, I may yet be found by you. And we may keep each other company as we float on. Lost. Forgotten. Alone.


We can tear our own skin and add some colour to this space. That way, they say, we will be free. But wait. Who can endure the pain?


Friday, January 1, 2010

Opening Act...

It's the first day of 2010. I ought to have something smart to say. Something deep. or intelligent perhaps. Or profound. Or maybe even funny. But I don't. My screen, save for these scribblings, is as blank as my thoughts. On this first day of the second decade in this century, I am totally thoughtless.

Maybe it's the profound (albeit sparsely noticeable) awe of being alive today, or the thoughts of how 2009 came to a favourable close. Maybe I'm at wits end trying to keep up with the pace my life seems to have suddenly taken, or even taken aback by my vehemence in speaking out about my thoughts on Nigeria's political jamboree.

As I type this, I have no profound message to share, no life-altering secrets to offer. I am just glad that today, I'm alive and lucid enough to even realize that my thoughts are blank. That in itself is enough to make me speechless.

It is the first day of 2010. I have nothing smart to say, but everything to be grateful for.

Happy New Year Blogsville!