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Tuesday, August 24, 2010


Change is going to come some how

Change is going to come some way

Change is going to come some day

But that day is not today

'Cos today, we are the masters of our own fate

The weavers of our own bait

Enemies at our own gate

So still we keep a date

With poverty and corruption

Unforgivable self-delusion

Confessions and absolution

With no real intention to stop

With no intention to stop

But why should you?

Your uncle is a senator

And with his fine-flowing signature

He sustains your recurrent expenditure

After all, he IS a legislator

And you know that we do not know

How much we pay to sustain him

So why should we stop?

Why should we change?

And if we should change

Why change now?

For you see,

Change may come some how

Change may come some way

Change may come some day

But that day is not today

'Cos today, we're about to come into our own

Today, we're about to sit on our throne

Power to the people – if the people are us

Ours is a government for us, by us!

So when you talk of change, know you walk alone

When the revolution comes, it will be televised

But we, we will sit at home

Critiquing, politicking, conscience cold as ice

And so

The fire of youth is deadened by the reality of truth

That we do not wish to suffer pain

Yet in us we crave for gain

But how can we eat of the fruit if we do not climb the tree?

How can we climb the tree and not scrape a knee?

And how can we scrape a knee if we do not go uncovered?

If we do not go naked; if we do not discover

That the ones we hurt

When we betray trust

That the ones who bleed

The very ones we curse

That the ones whose lives are torn away by us

Are the ones we do the worst harm – Us?

Friday, August 20, 2010

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

I do this once in a while...okay, maybe more often now...

Okay people, today, I'm feeling some dark vibes. So, in giving into my mood, I post here two poems I wrote some while back.

Truth be told, I love the darkness.

Seriously...I walk into a public place and instinctively go to the corner that has my back to the wall and my eyes on everyone else.

My girlfriend says I walk 'by the wall' (whatever that means).

I have a knack of looking for the crack in every armour, cos I have this view that we all speak from the point of our bias, but try to put up a pious outlook. Then again, Lauryn Hill said "Everyday, people lie to God, so what makes you think that they won't lie to you too?" Just saying.

I've found out that life is as much dark as it is bright, and that most times, they compliment each other. None is more useful or beneficial than the other.

Embrace the light people, but respect the dark.

Ok...I'm rambling.


Night has come
As quick as morn
But there’s no need to mourn.
For the evening sun
Is a shining star
To him who’s life’s begun.

So dry your eyes
Tis all but lies
That which this life denies.
These gloomy skies
Shall shine as day
A blessing in disguise.

The traveller.
When the reaper comes
When his cold feet clop
On the rough, stony floor
Which I lay upon
And demands I follow
Though he grin at me
Let your heart not fear
Be not in sorrow
When his fingers slide
In a cold caress
Around this limp canvas
Below my watery eyes
Be not dismayed
For I have been ready
When the reaper comes
Tell him I’ve been waiting.