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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

I live to write another day...

Sorry I've been out for a while people. Blame it on the job. No, not the bank job, but (yeah you guessed right) my advertising job!

From the bottom of my heart, I thank all of you that have prayed for and lit candles for me. :) I'm so very grateful. Thanks CaramelD, Freaksho, Ibiluv, ~Sirius~, incoherent (my luv), and everyone out there who has wished me well. Thank you.

This is why I write.

To clear my head and purge my soul
In the vain hope it will make me whole,
To gather my thoughts and give it breath;
To die in life and live in death.

Call me philosopher, call me muse;
Call me whatever ye may choose;
See, life is naught but a passing scene;
With my pen and paper, I may intervene.

Of a valiant knight; my dragon slain,
Will rear its ugly head again,
But I’ll forever valiant be,
To rise and fall again – my misery.

That day will come that I write no more
As I journey through this exit door;
But my pen, my power, my mystery
Will write an everlasting tale of me.

This is why I write.



CaramelD said...

I am not a big fan of poetry, but that was fantastic and touching.

You need to wash your new job oh ;)

incoherent said...

YOU GOT THE JOB!!! YAAAAAAY!!! not that i doubted you for a sec. welcome back to lagos boo. now get to blogging!

i dont do poems, but nice.....

~Sirius~ said...



Welcome back!!!!