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Tuesday, April 6, 2010


I think I’m lost. Floating perhaps. Steadily adrift in this mind-numbing sea of nothingness – an endless grey space where nothing seems to make sense, no matter how hard you try. A place where things can go from bright white to dark night without a moment’s notice, and the same thing you did yesterday is waiting for you today and tomorrow, until it snuffs whatever life you weakly cling on to.

There’s no need to count the days, for you see, time stands still here. So while a week is but a day, a month is just a year. And the more you run, the more you make holes in the ground from constantly marching in place.

Have you ever been there? Or is it here? Do you see me? Can you hear my thoughts? For while I’m lost, I may yet be found by you. And we may keep each other company as we float on. Lost. Forgotten. Alone.


We can tear our own skin and add some colour to this space. That way, they say, we will be free. But wait. Who can endure the pain?