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Monday, September 15, 2008

Sleepless in Lagos.

Another week, another set of challenges, and plenty new oportunies to...well, just do it (only this time better).  

My life's been on a roller-coaster ride:  so many briefs to handle at the office with so little time to do so; me and my girl having a major misunderstanding; my co-workers trying to give me a heart attack; and finding a companion in that annoying, miserable, irreverent doctore, House.  So far, life's been interesting.

Again, I have to say a big thank you to incoherent, who seems to always have the words to encourage me to put up a post.  Thanks, babe!

Today, I'm sharing a poem I just wrote (after so many years!).  It portrays the battle going on on the inside of me, as well as the questions I think we all ask every now and then.  It may not be a great way to start a Monday morning, but hey...what other way to start the week than by musing about who (or what) we are?  What is our sum total?  

For those who enjoy's one for you:

I do not know what I’ve become;

It’s clear now that I’m no more me,

Maybe I was, but now I am,

Or not

Maybe now I was.


The darkness in my soul shines forth

The light, subdued, is put to flight

Now reigns the terror of the night

Or not

‘Tis the despot that is light.


So lift your heads o gates of hell

Let loose your fury from your well

For I have answered the reaper’s knell

Or not

I am free from my cell.


Plunge deep your sword and let me rest

Draw out the pain in my breast

Now I am free; I’ve passed the test

Or not

Maybe I’ve just begun my quest.