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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

One of those posts...

I promise I'll put up an intelligent post one of these days. You know, a post with all the right punctuations and grammar; a post that will make you laugh or maybe cry; maybe a post that will make you think deep. Or maybe I'll just put up another poem - which really is one way to know that I've been to lazy to write.

But I'll put up an intelligent post. Okay, let's not get too excited...let me just put up a post. Skip the intelligent part. As fagged out as I am, a post will do. Someday we'll do intelligent. But not just yet.

Work. That's what gotten to me. I remember in '07 when I got into advertising, I thought "wow! This is cool...I get to wear jeans to work all week, I get to call my boss by his name, and I get to pretend the reason I turned in work late is because I'm extra smart!" Four years down the line, I'm thinking "dammit! Where the hell are my co-workers from? Why does everything have a timeline of yesterday? Why is there not much information on this brief? What lost-in-time planet do these clients come from? Bastards!" But in the end, right now, if you were to offer me a white-collar job with more pay and or asked me to continue in advertising, I'll take advertising any day!

Why? Well, when you think of the opportunities, no other industry permits you to 'think' on the job in your sleep - at the office - or have loud arguments about the human physique while your boss looks on, bring in brews of a certain kind all in the name of getting acquainted with a client's product (if you drink, that is), create a make-believe world and present them at review meetings as actual insights, play loud music all day long, or just refuse to do any work because your dog's step mom just died.

Forget it...I'll take this industry cos I doubt any other one will take me and give me the unrealistic freedom I'll demand.

On the flip'll most likely sleep more in the office than in that new apartment you took a loan to pay for; you'll most likely call your partner a colleagues name in those intimate moments, because the last thing you remembered was said colleague shrieking about stabbing you in the eye for saving the wrong work on the server just an hour to the presentation; your neighbours will most likely call the police to arrest you as you sneak in to the house by 1am; your mom will tell your uncles she suspects you live under the bridge cos you're never at 'home' whenever she comes visiting; and, your boss will most definitely drive a much better car than you, leaves way earlier, and seems generally happier.

So, why am I still here? Someone told me in '08 that advertising was like a drug that sucks you in and never lets you go. I kind of agree with her. Kinda. I also think I'm here because and advertising are doing just fine. I love her, and in her own twisted way, she loves me back. Let's see how this relationship goes...but for now, we're still cruising.

And yes, I'll put up that intelligent post one day.