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Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Something for the incoherent one...

I know. Been gone for some time. Don't know who or what to blame. Work maybe, or just plain laziness. Anyways, since Incoherent made me feel like I had something upstairs (by her encouraging comments), I'm putting this up especially for her. Oh, and one more thing Incoherent - be sure that the love's mutual. :)

Have you ever felt yourself rebel against someone or something, only to find that that very thing you fought against was actually YOU? That, I have found out is the story of my life. This poem is a personal one, and I just feel like I should share it with you guys, starting with Incoherent. Enjoy...

You and Me.

I tell myself I hate who you are,

That I will never go that far,

That I love my life and liberty;

Yet I see yourself in me:

The life you lived

The day you saw

And so much more.

Is how it was before?

I am tempted to push and fight.

I know my stance; it is my right.

Yet I turn and say to you,

“I hate the things that you do.”

Still I myself must be true –

I am not much different from you

We must learn to take our paths,

Free from hatred, free from fear,

For if you don’t it will tear

You apart;

To the brink of madness bring you near.

Yet I see it is true,

You were me, and I am you.

Now I understand who you are.

You are the wrong that I must right,

The bitterness I must fight,

The hatred I must shun,

The love I must beget.

You are you, I am me,

You were me, I am you.