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Thursday, July 8, 2010

on freaksho, ~sirius~ and all that's under the bridge.

Last week, Freaksho decided it was time to get ~Sirius~ with the rest of his life.

So he got married. Now, things are going to get ~sirius~ly freaky or freaking ~sirius~. Whichever way it works, I'm sure they'll be happy. (Ibiluv get your mind out of the gutter!).

It would have come to me as a bit of a shock, but knowing Freaksho, I doubt there's little he can do these days to surprise me - well, except he starts acting normal, that is. Ofcourse, I must add here that I was totally shocked - to say the least - when I found out that ~Sirius~ was _________ (what? you waiting for a name? free me jo!).

Anyways, here's wishin Mr. and Mrs. Freaksho a happy married life!

Now, let's talk about me.

Did I mention to you guys that I got a new job (again)? Well, this one's more fun, comes with more responsibility, a kitchen and a chill out room, which means I surely will be nibbling on a biscuit while watching the World Cup...all at work. Yeh!

Oh, and I got to meet my fav bloggers at Freaksho's wedding! Freaksho and ~Sirius~ (ofcourse), Incoherent and CaramelD. The only person missing was Ibiluv. Woulda loved to see that one (I can't wait to see what those naughty thoughts look like in person). And to think that a week (or two?) before then, I had done a shout out to all of them! Life, eh?

Vell then, here's me coming out of hibernation - I hope. Y'all have a blessed month ahead, and may all your hopes be met.


PS: Incoherent, CaramelD, Ibiluv...though y'all don't like the question, I still have to ask (it's my blog, afterall)...when una dey marry sef? tehehehehehehehehe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!