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Tuesday, May 11, 2010


That’s the sound of the silence
That shatters our celebration
It’s the sound as our hearts
Fall to our bellies in trepidation
It’s the ringing in our ears
Adding music to our fears
Call your loved ones
Call your peers
The apocalypse is here
And if you’re close to God
Get on your knees and say a prayer
For the souls that will be lost tonight
Jos has gone aflare!

A village was standing here

And Kratos is an impostor, you see
The real god of war lives here
His prophets, ever near
Pouring hatred into our ears
Till we fight and kick
And bite and kill
Still the purpose is all but clear.

So boom!
Boom! Boom!
And just in case you missed it...
Watch out!
Yet again!

Yes, boom till the coal tar is red with blood
And boom to the most high – cos we kill for the lord
And boom to the infidels who will not heed his word
And boom till the earth is washed with fire like a flood

Washed with fire like a flood
I spilled my brother’s blood
For no real offence
Just that he doesn’t speak my mother’s tongue!

For how long will this go on?
For how long must our song
Be of burial and hatred
And stanzas of violence
Until love is an empty gong?

For how long will this go on?
For how long must our song
Be devoid of love and laughter and joy
And those little things we’ve forgot?