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Sunday, October 4, 2009

shiver me timbers! i think i'll post a poem...


With tears that knew not whence they came,
And laughter that knew not why,
We fought to live, our rage to tame;
In truth we lived a lie;
Only to turn back and reclaim
With heaves and many a sigh;
In death we’ll live past this wretched game
For while we live we die.

If I die before I wake.

If I die before I wake,
Weep not world, it wasn’t late;
For life is just a fleeting phase,
And death is but life’s entry gate.

If I should fall beneath this weight,
Weep not world, it was my fate;
For every birth is a fresh demise,
And life is but death’s cunning bait.


By the way...

why do girls always think they have to bite their fingers in pictures? is that meant to be sexy?

why do people in movies think a kiss will solve all their problems?

what the hell am i still doing here?

oh, and by the way, anyone know how to speak jamaican patoi? i wan learn.


incoherent said...

u talk to strange girls. or only weird girls give you their pictures.

i always wondered the same thing abt pple in movies

i cld teach u but i h8 pple who put on fake caribbean accents (ergo i hate this dancehall/ragga thing nigerians have started embracing)

love the poems. nice to have u blog :)

ibiluv said...

it is *meant* to be sexy

in does.....

i know what what you are doing there..........

learn.......then enjoy

CaramelD said...

"If I die before I wake", is a beautiful poem.

PS When my younger cousins pose that way, I knock their finger out of their mouths! Young ladies have lost their way ;)

Muse said...

@incoherent: na, luv, no need to collect pics...just log on to facebook!

@ibiluv: so, what makes things alright in real life? *wink*

Carameld: indeed luv, they have lost their way. oh, and if i do say so myself, i love the poem too. :)