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Monday, January 24, 2011

yin, yang

I haven't lived that long, but I have lived long enough. Long enough to know that that which is hot will soon get cold, or that that which goes up will come down; I have learnt that the night heralds the morn, and that every death is life reborn.

I haven't lived that long, but I have lived long enough. I have learnt, and I have forgotten. For that I am grateful. For that I rejoice. I may not have lived enough to die, but everyday I die enough that I may live. I haven't lived that long, but I have lived long enough.

Such is yin, such is yang.

Every rise gives way to a fall
As a push becomes a pull
Mountain top, valley low
A dead seed, a sprouting tree
And so the circle of life is complete
In dark and light
In flight and fight
In peace and strife
In death and life.

Such is living
Such is death
Such is yang
Such is yin
Such is the summary of all we are
That we push and we pull
We break and we mend
For there is no dark without light
No enemy without a friend

And on this lies the balance of life
We live that we may die
We stand that we may fall
We gather that we may lose
We are full that we may hunger

Such is the balance of life
Such is the summary of who we are

So when you weep little one, empty yourself
That laughter may find room enough in your belly
When you dance to the drums reserve strength
For the day comes when you will be dragged against your will

Such is our fate
Such is life
Such is yang
Such is yin

Such is heaven and earth
Such is demise
Such is birth

Every rise gives way to a fall
Every push becomes a pull
A dead seed becomes a tree
Such is life for you and me.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

It’s all GOOD.

It's been a while since I last wrote. I don't know why. It's not like I've not been wanting to, or that the world somehow decided to start coming to an end all around me. But for some inexplicable reason, I've just not written. For a long while. And it saddens me.


Last year was eventful. From coming back to advertising (actually at the end of the previous year) to moving agencies and then houses and getting married, it was rather lively. Sitting now to think about it, I believe I should be more grateful than I have been for the year now laid to rest. Though it had its ups and downs, it was a defining year in my life, and like the good book says, we go through fire that we may be refined as gold. If anything, 2010 was the refiner's fire.


In 2010 I made new friends, lost contact with some; I lost a very dear cousin and gained a new brother; I had issues with family, then realised that there are friends who stick closer than brothers; I reached a dead end and a way was made out of no way; old wounds were torn open, but I found solace in love; there was turmoil but I found peace. 2010 was eventful indeed, and I am sure now that it could have been no other way, for, like the Spoken Word Poet, Amir Suleiman said, 'even the beauty of birth leaves its own scars'. 2010 was eventful, but 2011 is GOOD. Very good.


And so I survived. And, if you're reading this, you did as well. For that we should be grateful to God. This may be coming late, but from the bottom of my heart, I want to wish everyone who has made it this far a very happy new year. Remember, even in some pain, there is great gain.


Welcome to the GOOD year.