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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Be warned; this is a lazy post...

I'm sitting at my desk, brain-drained and experiencing a writer's block. Add to that a bad case of 'nigerities', money-making schemes and just where I would rather be right now, then you'll understand why I've resorted to one of my favourite tricks when I can't concentrate enough to put up a proper post: poems.

Relax if yo may, as I dish out to you two poems written some tie ago for such a time as this. One of the poems is about death, but do not worry...I'm not suicidal. I just wonder at times how prepared we all are for that most certain of destinations.

I hope the poems inspire you; I hope they make you think. But most of all, I hope you like them enough to forgive me for putting up this lazy post.

Until I put up a proper post, enjoy...

Just before the dawn of night,
Show me again that ray of light;
The wishing star, the wondrous sight
Of silver lining in the night.

Of hope, near broke, but standing still;
Of will more firm than bars of steel,
Of a life though gone will never kneel
To death, but soars in liberty.

Sing once more of a heart made sure
By faith, though sense may ask for more
Sing again of faith and how she bore
The saviour we all adore

Sing of life, sing more of death
To flesh and all that is this earth
Sing of God and how His breath
Is more than gold, is true life’s wealth!

The traveller.
When the reaper comes
When his cold feet clop
On the rough, stony floor
Which I lay upon
And demands I follow
Though he grin at me
Let your heart not fear
Be not in sorrow
When his fingers slide
In a cold caress
Around this limp canvas
Below my watery eyes
Be not dismayed
For I have been ready
When they reaper comes
Tell him I’ve been waiting.