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Friday, February 27, 2009

This is not a Freaksho!

Resigned! I'm going back to my state (Abia), to start getting myself ready for what lies ahead (Ibiluv, wanna bet again? This time about my being a politician, of course)? Anyways, I don't know how else to write about it, so here's a transcript of my farewell "speech" to my co-workers.


Okay, so where do I start? I'm moving back to the East (Abia state in particular) to sort out a few family issues. I will be lying greatly if I said I will not miss leaving (workplace) and everyone I've been fortunate to work with these past ten months. As leave, it is with a heavy heart, but also a heart full of thankfulness for all the people that have made (workplace) the greatest working place I've ever been in.

Thanks, Madam Principal for your experience and words of wisdom (trust me, you have a way of pouring them out). To Dreads, you're the coolest boss ever (albeit older and less virile than you-know-who)! Mobutu? You make the workplace a funplace. Thanks, SOJ for your encouragements; "Bishop", for your "prayers", and "Soludo" for your advice (really); thanks my (that account) brand team members for all your troubles (which I somehow managed to reply in kind). Ofcourse, TRGI, you're one-of-a-kind. (Duh)? You know now.

Miss B…thank you. Kogi Boi…thanks for introducing me to HBR. Prof…you know you've challenged me to pick up from where I left.

To Freaksho…you're probably the best writer (forget the "old" guys, they've had their fame; we rule now) I've been fortunate to know; Ebaby, "cool" doesn't even begin to describe you; Aloofaa, you may not know it yet, but bet you my gubernatorial seat that I'll be reading about you in the papers, online, and watching you on TV. To Rud Boi and Chicken, just one question: una no dey tire? Y'all make the rest of us look bad! Go home! To (Mr. nice guy), O2 and T, na God go reward una; Don, Blacky and Capt. Finished artist, thanks for bringing my ideas to life.

E! Damn, S got there first! Just kidding, but you're the best. Ever!

Chubby, na only time go cure you; Igbo Boy, keep the hustle on man, never forget that iwu nwa Aba. BJ…thank God sey you don marry (phew!). "Ugly Betty" (you know you have a way to inspire me *wink*). Fine girl, thank God you won't be harassing me again; Fake Igbo girl wanna-be (let's not even go there); T-beybey, even though you no gree for me, me I gree for you. LOL. O.P (ope oh!).

I love all y'all, and will most definitely miss you.


AlooFar said...

Will miss you man. Will really miss you.

Your parting feels like the mellow rays of a departing sun
that leaves the brows with memories of a tender morn.

Go dude, in the hope that we will someday meet
To share memories of days once and "forever" shared.

One love.

Freaksho said...

two posts in the same month with my name on...fame is so hard to handle.
call a brother man.the yard misses you already.

~Sirius~ said...

Awwww......How sad.

Good luck with the change.

~Sirius~ said...

Ps: Don't abandon us here.
Be sure to update.....

Smaragd said...

wow, u are leaving that place where u just got promoted? you are leaving for the east?

good luck dude.

incoherent said...

going thru with it huh? just the fact that u're following your dreams regardless makes me envy u. GOOD LUCK!! i'm sure you'll achieve all you've set out to :)

and why u dey yarn as if say we no go "see" in blogworld? keep it coming dude!

ibiluv said...

You sure you want me to bet???
*fluttering eyelashes*

I know there is internet access in Abia........

so keep the posts up!!!!!!!!!

When you get elected-call us(to chop rice)

Caelestis Angelus! said...

Awww, cute. Are you really going back to Abia or is that what you are telling them? You had better be running for governor and must be sure of winning, thats the only logical thing that i believe would make you go back to Abia o or do they have LNG there now? lol, good luck in all your new endeavours

Muse said...

@ y'all: i'm so sorry i haven't replied ur comments...or even been on blogsville for a while internet swrvices in aba is so urgh! but very soon...