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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Forgive me, for I shall sin...

When we were much younger, there was always a sure-fire way to make us tell the truth. It was not the beating (we somehow got used to that), neither was it the withholding of sweet goodies (we always managed to nibble some off our siblings). You see, we were built tough - and smart, so we always had a way to get round the threats of punishment.

Except one. We didn't want to go to hell.

What relief, it must have been then, when my folks (and siblings, and friends) found out that with the threat of all liars going to hell, we'd squeal like mice with a bad case of constipation. those were horrible days.

"Muse, which one of you spoilt the TV?"

"I don't know"

"All liars shall..."

(Pointing with amazing accuracy) "It was him!"

Anyways, that won't work now.

Or will it?

So, I've been tagged by CaramelD, and now I have to tell two truths and a lie, while leaving you to guess which is which. Hope you have as much fun trying to spot out what is true and what's a lie, as I had a tough time thinking them up.

So, father forgive me for I shall sin, for surely, one "truth" is a lie:

1. When I was younger, we had a much older house help who always loved wrestling with me - only thing was, we had to be in our undies. (What? We had to make it look as real as on TV!).

2. In secondary school, I had a crush on my physics teacher. (Curse the day she asked me to stand up and answer a question in class! Lil' willie decided it was the perfect time to raise his head as well.)

3. I once faked temporal amnesia to escape being flogged for having poor grades. (Told my dad I couldn't even remember my sister's name!).

What do you think? What's true? What's a lie?

Over to you.


~Sirius~ said...

They all sound true.............LMAO!
If I have to pick one it'll be the Physics teacher's salute......I'd hate for that to happen to any young lad.

Freaksho said...

number one is a big fat lie.
i hope.for your sake.
um, i assume this house help was... know...

Muse said...

@ sirius: are you sure about your pick? really, really sure?

@ freaksho: i assure you, freaksho, i've had (and i must say, a healthy) interest in ONLY female folks.

Anonymous said...

I think number 2 is the lie!

incoherent said...

i wont pick they're alll such beautiful things to own up to.....and i really really want # 1 to be true, but only if the house help was a guy......

CaramelD said...

Whoo hoo! You answered your tag!

OK I have thought very seriously about this while choking on laughter and I think no 3 is a lie! The other two could happen no problem ;)

There! I have said it!

Muse said...

@temite: you can't be too sure now, can you?

@incoherent: goodness woman! you trying to get me scared for life?

@caramelD: you seem pretty confident. wanna bet?

AlooFar said...

Hey sinner,

#2 is a lie. I suspect #1, but then I thought... you're not alone. You know what I mean ;)

CaramelD said...

Actually I don't want to bet because my track record so far sucks! I have played 5 times and won once! I am nothing if not determined! I will jump back into the ring of fire!

Muse! Do your worst!

ibiluv said...

All have a ring of truth

but i'll have to say 2

cos poor grades-you???i doubt!!!!!!!!

*a future politician*...NO!!!

Muse said...

@ CaramelD: the sixth time may just be the charm.

@ ibiluv: you seem pretty sure about your answer. So i'll make you this deal: give me a final answer, and if it's true, you can ask ANY question, and I'll answer. if it's not, i'll ask ANY question and you'll have to answer.

u game?

ibiluv said...

Game...........i stick to 2

Muse said...

@ ibiluv: it's on now!

bumight said...

why cant everyone see that #3 is the lie!

Dammy said...

I think #2 is the lie.