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Friday, November 7, 2008

I may not be Obama, but I'm getting me some attention!

That's right! The world must remember my name. Muhahaha! This week, I slip into the deep recesses of my mind, drawing out a me that's always been around, or some dude lurking in the dark, desperately trying to see the light of day. Today, he gets his wish! Ladies and gentlemen, behold Muse the canibal. Along with this, here are two poems: one dark (sorta), and the other, well just plain ol' me.


Oh, and by the way, Obama rocks!

The sons of men
In Abassi’s eyes
Lay naked
Under the noonday skies
Though they covered be
Through a mastered craft
That we do not see
For we have believed
And we now forget
What we really are
In Abassi’s eyes
We are sons of men

My soul is deep
And dark it is
My soul does weep
And gnash its teeth
For bitterness has eaten deep
Now brokenness and sorrow sit
Enthroned, rulers of a wretched being
Whose only hope of solace is
A fitless, eventless eternal sleep.


AlooFar said...

Hey Hannibal, ooops Cannibal, enjoy your moment of fame!

Lovely poems, as usual. What happened to your end rhymes?

Muse said...

thanks man. look hard enough and (I'm sure) you'll find the end rhymes - at least in the second poem.

Nagwodei sosei.

incoherent said...

MUSE IS BACK!!!! love the pic love the poems. you're starting to convert me to poetry man.

Muse said...

LOL. Thanks a lot babe. maybe you should try writing something...u never can tell.

ibiluv said...

u wan kill??????