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Friday, November 14, 2008

To each guy his own penis...

To each guy his own penis;
To every girl, her pair.
This is not a post about sex,
Now why on earth would I go there?
Freaksho’s already done it; Aloofar’s shown off his dicks,
Nothing compared, I tell you, to blogsville’s crazy chicks.
Now to the matter at hand,
Shall we get ahead?
Something dey vex me and
My head is in a bend.

Why people too dey compare,
Why can’t we be content?
Some people too dey show themselves,
Others dey pretend
Sey dem no be who dey be,
Or sey dem hol’ too much
Others too dey yarn dia size,
Like sey e go win dem prize.

Ehen, does size really matter?
Is it guaranteed to please her?
Is it having sex or making love?
Don’t ask me, ask ibiluv!

I don’t have an opinion on everything,
So you can’t sue me.
I’m just rattling off some random thoughts;
E get as e dey do me.


~Sirius~ said...

eh eh hmmm!
It's definitely granteed to please me amongst all other things.

Lets see: Is it having sex or making love??? Hmmm... It's "SHAGGING!!" I don't think you guys have the faintest idea of what making love is.

Random answers for your random thoughts

incoherent said...

lol nice one muse! we should hang out sometime....... girlfriend willing ;)

Muse said...

@ sirius: are you serious? Wow! We don't know what itr means to make love? Well now, in your opinion, do ladies know?

@ inco: anytime babe, anytime.

AlooFar said...


Dude, so you've been "seeing" my dick?! Interesting.

Muse said...

Now, when you put it like that aloofar, i'll have to answer n d negative. What's your's is your' me.

~Sirius~ said...

YaH!! of course we know, you guys just know how to shut down your brains down and do the do when you realise your getting some, ONLY very few men from what I've seen and heard know how to work a woman......I guess 1 man in a woman's lifetime is good enough.

Muse said...

from what you've "seen" and "heard"? Whatever happened to what you know from "personal experience"?

C'mon srus...we're all anonymous, y'knw.

~Sirius~ said...

LoL! I wouldn't judge from my sample size. Let's just say, I've met only 1 person who perfects the art.........

incoherent said...

@ sirius: o do tell! is he single?

Twix! said...

For me, size doesnt matter, its what you do with what you have that matters. Of course, you should be sizable enough but... The person im doing the act with matters. Its the emotion you feel that makes the magic. A girl that has had a guy make love to her before knows what she'l rather have. Il rather make love anyday, i only shag when im trying to be naughty. If a guy doesnt know how to make love but is good at shagging, i make the love happen.

Its an art, there is no turning back!

Muse said...

wow Twix! some passion you've got there. keep it up tho'.

~Sirius~ said...

@ Incoherent, Oh I will tell.... Unfortunately No :-(, The good ones are always taken.


"Others too dey yarn dia size,
Like sey e go win dem prize."


Muse said...

@ SOLOMONSYDELLE: but na true na. abi no be so?

Jaja said...

Absolutely Laugable!!

What are you lamenting over the penis for anyway? Even if your own tiny well well, at least its still there, thats the most important thing! lol

Muse said...

@ jaja: na true you talk oh. then again, no be lament i dey lament. i just dey yarn my mind.

Smaragd said...

very very nice dude! this is one poem i thoroughly enjoyed reading.

Muse said...

@ Smaragd: No be you again? Neways, thanks a lot babe.

ibiluv said...

couldnt help laughing........

so am i one of blogsville's crazy chicks???????
(i know i am)
must you publish it??????

I say it again
i dont need a 30minute man
neither do i need a one minute man

i may not always look out for a 9inch dude
but if u send me a 3 inch dude
i'm chasing him out with a dagger!!!!!!!!

sex is easy!!!!!!!!
love or making love takes work!!!!

how many people have the tyme or the inclination to work at it?

there's chemistry?
just shag
why bother with anything else?????

lovely post!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Muse said...

@ ibiluv: do you know that pigs experience climax that lasts as much as 30 minutes?

just thought you might want to know.

okay, so what if you guys are "in love" and he's 3 inches tall? tehehehe.