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Friday, June 13, 2008

exodus of a mind in captivity

Huddled beneath the crushing weight of a thousand angry words, the little boy couldn't but hate himself. Somehow he didn't blame the world - couldn't, shouldn't really - for its anger at him. There was only one person to hate, and that was his maker.

why, o, why did He deem it fit to create him this way? Why did He create him at all? Was it just for the fun of it; having grown weary from the worship of a million years, He now wanted something to taunt at? A new toy?


He wished he could change himself. Maybe he would start with his hair, or maybe his hard-done skin. Maybe he would learn to speak differently, or even put on another skin.

They told him he was evil, and he believed. He was told that he existed in darkness, and this he received. What was his crime; his disease; his curse?

Nothing. Hurdled beneath the crushing weight of a thousand words, he suddenly realised there was nothing in the world wrong with him. Suddenly, he couldn't but love himself. If the world hated him, then, he decided, they were a victim of their own ignorance, a self-loath which they had yet to know. He thanked his maker, and standing proud and tall, he proclaimed for all the world to hear...

I am African.

I was made from the loam of the horned land,

Shaped as I am by the Lord’s hand.

From my curly hair to my rounded nose;

And my thickly lips to my princely pose,

I was made African.

I was made, and so I am

As dark as Mazi Agwu’s farm;

And I’ll not claim my soul is white,

For it is as dark as my sprite;

I was made African.

My blood is the Niger River,

My vein, the roots of the yellow guava;

My spinal cord is the Iroko,

The colour of my blood is indigo;

I was made African.

I was cooked in the open fire,

I was made with much desire.

There is no dross in me, I’m pure;

I’m all you are and so much more.

I am African.


incoherent said...

woohoo 1st again!! finally getting the hang of this comment thing haha. so....on to the post yeh?:

FINALLY a post my blonde mind can wrap around. standing ovation dude that was beautiful. may i get a copy? put it up in my office! :)

Muse said...

lol. was that to say that you couldn't understand my other posts? anyways, thanks a lot, o ye incoherent one.

shine said...

I love this post! from heartache to joy. Unapologetically African--how sexy ;-)

Muse said...

thanks shiny. i've never seen this poem from the sexy point of view, but if you say so, hey, who the heck am i to say it's not.

on the other hand, might i add that your pic is quite, shall i say, sexy!

ibiluv said...

nice one..............