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Friday, June 20, 2008

at the end of it all...we are what we are

This week, I don't plan to go into some long discourse (primarily because I have nothing to talk about, AND I'm too lazy to even think). So, to keep my blog going, I'm posting this poem I wrote sometime ago.

I hope you enjoy it:

The sons of men
In Abassi’s eyes
Lay naked
Under the noonday skies
Though they covered be
Through a mastered craft
That we do not see
For we have believed
And we now forget
What we really are
In Abassi’s eyes
We are sons of men


AlooFar said...

You're a fine poet.

incoherent said...


shine said...

so...intriguing. short but loaded with meaning.

incoherent said...

waiting patiently for you to put up another post......

incoherent said...

still now i'm just being annoying. can u block pple from commenting on ur blog? .....hmmmmmmmm

Muse said...

@ incoherent: just put up something especially for you, babe. enjoy...oh, and thanks for the encouragement.