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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Take a chance on me!

Adba. Yup, that group we all grew up with (or in the case of some of you, you grew up with the remixes of their songs by some silly boy bands - no offence intended).

Yesterday evening, some smart guy decided to make us all nostalgic by playing some of Adba's hit songs like "knowing me, knowing you"; "take a chance on me" and the rest. It woked. Now I'm nostalgic. For real.

I miss the good 'ol days when we did nothing but laze around, eat, watch TV, laze some know the drill.

Then your voice cracks. You like the girl sitting next to you at school. You ask for her pencil - or better still snatch it! You start growing up.


So, here I am just wondering, "how much of life is chance"? How much of life do we plan? Do we have any control?

In the light of our uncertainty of life, here's a poem I wrote last year that somehow touches on the subject.


Heaven is just a breath away
And life is but a sigh.
The grass will fade like yesterday;
The end of time is nigh.
So pack your bags and wash yourself,
And rest while still you can.
For night is just a wink away;
I know not of the day.


AlooFar said...


You have your way with ryhmes ;)


Mz. Dee said...

Oo.. i especially love this one!!

incoherent said...

ummm isnt their name abba? and GOD u must be old if u grew up on their music tut tut.

me, na the boy band merix i sabi!