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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

of puppets and puppeteers...

"For God's sake, act like a grown up!" I often wonder at time what the benchmarks for manhood are (well, aside the beards and other hairy showings and biceps - which in my case are hidden). Somehow it seems that the more we progress, the less we do. Figure that one out for yourself.

Today, I'm putting up one of my poems here, just to share my thots with

"Grow up!"


The birth of the man

Is not the babe’s demise,

For it will return

In quiet steps

Subtly rehearsed,

And reclaim its place,

Banishing the man

To eternal sleep.

Or maybe not;

It may decide

To vanish,

Yet live side by side –

An impact here,

A showing there.

Ever the perfect



AlooFar said...

On behave of the millions of blog addicts, I welcome you to blogosphere.

Happy blogging bro...

Muse said...

Thanks man. Sure 'preciate. so, who's in control...the man or the babe?

AlooFar said...

Hey! You've been tagged.

Check my blog for details ;)

Mz. Dee said...

Luvin ur poetry.. ure rily talented

Muse said...

@mz.dee: thanks a lot. now i feel like writing. lol