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Friday, September 3, 2010

A little piece of me...

In some respect, and regarding some things, I have become somewhat of a cynic. Unlike the everlasting optimist, I do not always see the bright side of things. But unlike his ever-pessimistic counterpart, I do not always see the dark side either. On the contrary, I am that guy at the back of the room reading everyone's words and listening to their eyes. I dance in the thin line between dark and light. I make my home in that split of a second when everything is conveyed and nothing is said.


For me, the unspoken is louder than words; the deed, more eloquent than sweet serenade.


I watch more than I listen. I question every word I hear. I question every motive. And sometimes, I fall flat on my face.


It is a character flaw, I agree. However, more often than not, I find that we all have conveniently learned the art of deception so much that we become our worst victims. Hence, the optimist and pessimist lie. The idealist and the realist lie. You lie and I lie. And we're not about to stop.


What to do? Step back a bit. Look from a distant. Listen to yourself. Question more. Love more. Live more. Laugh more. We have one life, and the best we can do is to take a moment away from all the lies and take in all of the richness of life.


That, my friends, is a simple truth.




The sons of men

In Abassi's eyes

Lay naked

Under the noonday skies

Though covered we be

Through a mastered craft

That we do not see

For we have believed

And we now forget

What we really are

In Abassi's eyes

We are sons of men




Such is yin, such is yang.

Every rise gives way to a fall

As a push becomes a pull

Mountain top, valley low

A dead seed, a sprouting tree

And so the circle of life is complete

In dark and light

In flight and fight

In peace and strife

In death and life.


Such is living

Such is death

Such is yang

Such is yin

Such is the summary of all we are

That we push and we pull

We break and we mend

For there is no dark without light

No enemy without a friend


And on this lies the balance of life

We live that we may die

We stand that we may fall

We gather that we may lose

We are full that we may hunger


Such is the balance of life

Such is the summary of. who we are


So when you weep little one, empty yourself

That laughter may find room enough in your belly

When you dance to the drums reserve strength

For the day comes when you will be dragged against your will


Such is our fate

Such is life

Such is yang

Such is yin


Such is heaven and earth

Such is demise

Such is birth


Every rise gives way to a fall

Every push becomes a pull

A dead seed becomes a tree

Such is life for you and me.







Kiah said...

'Abassi'?!!! ...right!!!

'So when you weep little one, empty yourself
That laughter may find room enough in your belly'

Can i borrow? pretty please...?

Muse said...

@Kiah: As long as you acknowledge and tag, no problemo!

Freaksho said...

Yes sir, you write the truth. 'Listening to their eyes, eh?' very nicely written.

incoherent said...

with you on the self deceit. problem is, if we dont lie to ourselves, if we insist on always seeing things the way they truly are, a lot of us (ME! ME! ME! ME!) would be truly fucked