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Thursday, July 8, 2010

on freaksho, ~sirius~ and all that's under the bridge.

Last week, Freaksho decided it was time to get ~Sirius~ with the rest of his life.

So he got married. Now, things are going to get ~sirius~ly freaky or freaking ~sirius~. Whichever way it works, I'm sure they'll be happy. (Ibiluv get your mind out of the gutter!).

It would have come to me as a bit of a shock, but knowing Freaksho, I doubt there's little he can do these days to surprise me - well, except he starts acting normal, that is. Ofcourse, I must add here that I was totally shocked - to say the least - when I found out that ~Sirius~ was _________ (what? you waiting for a name? free me jo!).

Anyways, here's wishin Mr. and Mrs. Freaksho a happy married life!

Now, let's talk about me.

Did I mention to you guys that I got a new job (again)? Well, this one's more fun, comes with more responsibility, a kitchen and a chill out room, which means I surely will be nibbling on a biscuit while watching the World Cup...all at work. Yeh!

Oh, and I got to meet my fav bloggers at Freaksho's wedding! Freaksho and ~Sirius~ (ofcourse), Incoherent and CaramelD. The only person missing was Ibiluv. Woulda loved to see that one (I can't wait to see what those naughty thoughts look like in person). And to think that a week (or two?) before then, I had done a shout out to all of them! Life, eh?

Vell then, here's me coming out of hibernation - I hope. Y'all have a blessed month ahead, and may all your hopes be met.


PS: Incoherent, CaramelD, Ibiluv...though y'all don't like the question, I still have to ask (it's my blog, afterall)...when una dey marry sef? tehehehehehehehehe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


CaramelD said...

I don't blame you! You have enjoyed your first Blogger wedding and now you want more? LMAO!! I can equally ask you the same question... "when is it your turn?"

PS Congratualtions on the new job!

PPS You did not look like I thought you would ;)

Fragilelooks said...


Muse said...

@CaramelD: CaramelD love, I though we had agreed on first! LOL!

What did you think I'd look like? Be free to be graphic. :)

@Fragilelooks: Thanks.

CaramelD said...

We didn't discuss anything oh! See 419 in action!

Ermmm one has to be careful before I put myself into trouble but I thought you would look more tortured. I thought only tortured souls wrote such fanatstic poetry :)

Myne Whitman said...

Oh so you didn't know you guys would be meeting then? You looked more chopped up than I tot too, writers are supposed to be hungry abi? LOL...And when you dey marry eh?

incoherent said...

i'm with caramel! YOU FIRST! and yeah u looked nothing like i expected. altho when i saw u i knew it cld only b muse. caramel totally took me by surprise but yeah she's definitely peoples. n i was surprised @ ~sirius~ too. meanwhile u ran away at the reception....

and yeah really wanted to meet ibiluv. kept trying to think which 1 she cld be. wld've loved to sit @ her feet n learn. ha ha

Freaksho said...

see why i come to learn copy humbly at your feet?

Muse said...

@CaramelD: tortured? wow! either i write rather good poems, or they are depressing. LOL. Truth be told, You didn't really look much different from what I had in me head...well, except I thought you'd be darker.

@Myne: if writers are meant to be hungry, then my 2010 christmas wish is to be as hungry as you oh! em, em...about that marriage part, i'll get back to you on that...after me and miss latino CaramelD have sorted ourselves out.

@inco: what DID you really expect? Talk true! Vell, I thought I'd see more of a tomboy, but it seems you've been lieing to us all: you looked quite the lady.

And about that reception, I had to run back to work. I promise, on my own wedding, I'll most definitely be at the reception.

@Freaksho: Sharap joo! See Chairman wan tuale for junior agbero! mcheeeeeeeeeeeeew!

isha said...

Congrats on your new job!

First time here. I like!

Have a good weekend!

Muse said...

@isha: thanks a lot babe. Oh, and congrats too...passing out from NYSC no be beans.

~Sirius~ said...

*Massive Grin*
LOL @ challenging the others.

Congrats on the New Job!!

You have just got to love us: Crazy bunch. I wonder how you felt when You found out ~Sirius~ was ________ (hehehe)

Thanks for coming!

incoherent said...

@ muse awwww really? i looked like a lady? even as i tottered on those horrible high heels? freak threatened me with things too scary to repeat if i didnt wear a dress. if u'd waited til reception, u'd have seen me changing to denim n flipflops in the parking lot. he he

thought u'd be darker. skinnier. younger. all sad looking with a glint of intelligence around the eyes. as caramel said u're a tortured soul. plus u actually attempted to delve into politics....

ibiluv said...

Hey Muse......

how you?
i dey ooooooo

i dey find yam supplier
scratch that
yam supplier dey find me

we really dont need a wedding to see do we?
*fluttering lashes*

Congrats on the new job dearie make me blush....

Muse said...

@~Sirius~: Crazy doesn't even start to describe you two.

@Inco: Na me you wan describe so? See my life for outside oh!

@Ibiluv: I know a yam seller...heck, I know a yam farm!

CaramelD said...


My description of you on my blog should only be read as a compliment.

Miss Caramel Delight