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Thursday, December 18, 2008

2008 ME awards.

I deserve an award! Okay, maybe not, but then again, if I can't get any, I can at least give 'em.

So in recognition of the good, the not so good and the downright ugly, here goes the winners of my very own (spelt ME) awards.

Enjoy…or warreva.


Worst Movie: Meet the Spartans (what on earth were they thinking?).

Second Best: Juno (flows like a string of short, funny commercials).

Best movie: Quantum of Solace (Yeah, I said it. What?).


Worst Meal/Snack: Mosa (It's the one made with plantain, right?).

Second Best: Chinese at Big Treat (You gotta love the steaming plate).

Best Meal Snack: ọtọ (it's an Abiriba delicacy made with cocoyam – or is it wateryam?).


Worst Drink: Mango Tango (NEVER EVER try it! – something tells me you will).

Second Best: Power Horse (Dunno, kinda like it).

Best Drink: A mixture of all citrus juices (Look, it's my list!).


Worst Song: I don't even know the title, but it's something by Ashanti. (Arrrrrrrgh!).

Second Best: "Hustle" by M.I (Yes, the brova's som'n).

Best Song: "Nwa Aba" by Fuff Con (I no send you. Aba boys are doing some good stuff).


Worst Moment: Having to stand my own ground (it was me against the family. You understand na).

Second Best: Seeing my home boy get married last week (oh, and it was in Aba).

Best Moment: When she lit up like a Christmas tree (anything for you, love).


Worst Kit/Accessory: The Mohawk (what the heck is that?! – and yeah, it's not a fashion accessory, but I gotta put it somewhere, right?)

Second Best: A good watch (Like anything silver, a good watch highlights the black skin in a shade yet to be crystallised – beautiful).

Best Accessory: Sneakers (Take me anywhere baby!)


Worst Toy: My phone's Bluetooth headset (If no be sey na me use my money buy am ehn, I for don smash am for wall!)

Second Best: My lapi (if I no mention am now, e fit here's to you, laptop!).

Best Toy: My LG Home theatre system (just got it, so e still dey shack me).


Most Difficult Person: Popsi (then again, you don't choose your family, do you?).

Second Best: My mad boss (I shall not mention names. If you be my boss, and if you mad, na you).

Best Person: House (c'mon, who's better than the mad doctor himself?).

Favorite Blog Post

By another blogger: Shine – the seven year itch (what can I say? It's a good one. I enjoyed reading it).

Written by me: To each guy his own penis (make I blow my own trumpet na).


Worst Lesson/Skill: What to do when you have a heart attack (no real life situation, so how do I know it works?).

Second Best: How to open a bottle of wine without an opener (caution: will work for only some bottles).

Best Lesson/Skill: Some things, you can only do alone (trust me; your life will depend on it).

Now, I tag YOU (yes, you)! Who wins your own award? Go on...


~Sirius~ said...

And the winner is........

QOS best movie- Huh? It's your award, I can't shout.

Your moments: Pretty strong- you are showing us your emotional side oh- Awww She lit up like a chirstmas tree. Psst (was that after we washed all those plates!)

Most difficult person- The Old men always know how to irk the s@*t out of us, why?

As for Best lesson, I'm taking that away.....Some things, you can only do ALONE.

Freaksho said...

and that's the last time i take your advice on buying frickin' bluetooth headsets.

ibiluv said...

Mosa is aiight
some people just dont do it right

i love house

incoherent said...

i'm not the only 1 who hates ashanti.....thank god

Emeka Amakeze said...

Happy New Year!

Muse said...

@sirius: trust me, there are some decisions that you have to take, bearing in mind that you'll be the only one there to face the music once the lights are gone.

@freaksho: no be you sey make i buy am in the first place?

@ibiluv: NEVER! I'm not ever going near that mosa thingy - ever again.

@incoherent: trust me babe, ashanti should just stop singing altogether. or maybe start acting in nigeria (that way, she's assured of a steady income, no matter how bad the acting).

@emeka: Happy new year to you too man!

~Sirius~ said...

Happy New Year!

Muse said...

oh, sirius...happy new year babe!

bumight said...

House is your best person? wow! we're kindred spirits!

and how is QOS ur best movie? I mean a freaking Ford for a bond car? sheesh!

I did this too :)

AlooFar said...

But I dropped a comment here!

Dude, opening a bottle without opener? Knowledge transfer please... if it doesn't involve using the teeth.

Merry new year.

Muse said...

@ bumight: yes boss lady! indeed, House is the man.

@ aloofar: (this won't work for all wine bottles) turn the bottle upside down and hit the bottom continuously, while simultaneously, slowly spinning the bottle around. now stand the bottle and GENTLY press the cock into the bottle.

Be careful so as not to spill the wine on yourself. That'll be all for now.