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Monday, June 20, 2011

Random thoughts on a Monday morning.

A colleague of mine's in some sort of dilemma. Although we've spent a better part of the morning laughing about it, it is in no way funny. I should know, I have been there. The matter at hand? His wife, a staff of one of those 'New Generation' banks, has been mandated along with her other colleagues to meet a target of opening at least 8,000 accounts by December 2011. Now who's laughing? Not me. Not you, I hope.

But it's crazy. How in God's name did we get to this sorry state where banks have become more of a slave master and less of a professional, respectable financial institution? Methinks that if you want to have a better understanding of the 'almajiri' system in Northern Nigeria, all you have to do is work in a bank for a few months as a 'Relationship Manager' a.k.a marketer. #justsayin

This week, I pray that God will grant us all the desire of our heart, and that He'll give us the sort of job we all can enjoy. I pray that above all else, He'll give us peace in our different places of work. Lord knows we need it. With all the news of people dying right, left and centre, the least we can do is enjoy our work, nay, life before we go.

Have a great week people. May God grant us our heart' desires. And for the love of our friendship, visit and lemme know what you think!

PS: Yes, I had to put a poem....or two. Enjoy.

Night has come
As quick as morn
But there’s no need to mourn.
For the evening sun
Is a shining star
To him who’s life’s begun.

So dry your eyes
Tis all but lies
That which this life denies.
These gloomy skies
Shall shine as day
A blessing in disguise.

Just before the dawn of night,
Show me again that ray of light;
The wishing star, the wondrous sight
Of silver lining in the night.

Of hope, near broke, but standing still;
Of will more firm than bars of steel,
Of a life though gone will never kneel
To death, but soars in liberty.

Sing once more of a heart made sure
By faith, though sense may ask for more
Sing again of faith and how she bore
The saviour we all adore

Sing of life, sing more of death
To flesh and all that is this earth
Sing of God and how His breath
Is more than gold, is true life’s wealth!



enybees-hub said...

Your tongue is like that of a ready writer, I need to sit under your poetic skills bro. What's up?

I ​​​am with ‎​you on the job thingy. I just told someone right now? How one earth will she get up to 8000 accounts? With God its possible but this one isn't wise pls! This isn't professional abeg na ALMAJIRI!

Jobs u need are supposed to be enjoyed!

Mage said...

Nice poems, Muse.Not like those powerful, morbid and scary ones. :) Yeah. the job thingy is sad. Since we spend a large part of our lifes on the job, u'd expect that it would accord us, if not equivalent but at least a form of ease in respect to our allegiance. God help us all before........

Nonye said...

someone is back to utilizing this space!

Myne Whitman said...

I was in the shoes of your colleagues wife. Quit after 2 years even though I was meeting and breaking targets. Life is not for stress abeg, not for me anyway.

Have a great week too, and Amen to your prayers..

Vera Ezimora said...

8,000 ke?!!! She'd have to stand on the highway and hold a gun to 8,000 heads. That should work.

Muse Origins said...

Lovely poems!!! I didn't laugh but my jaw almost hit the floor. I thought this thing had reduced! So sad

PS. I've changed my blog url! I decided to keep the blog on Blogger after all. Check out the link: Sorry for the inconvenience X_x

Muse Origins (formerly The Corner Shop)

Muse said...

@enybee: Walahi, almajiri no even reach am!

@mage: aw common! my morbid poems are my favourite! :D

@nonye: thnks to someone.

@myne: Life is to be enjoyed abeg. Amen too.

@vera: seriously, maybe someone SHOULD try that.

@adiya: thanks oh. will check out the new blog addy.