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Saturday, June 13, 2009

As random as it gets...

I like the rain. Scratch that. I love the rain. So much so that I've been known (at my adult age I might add) to walk gleefully and slowly, while the rain poured down on me. There's just something about it that is, I don't know, refreshing and cleansing. Oh, and don't forget cool as well. The sound of rainfall is the perfect soundtrack to a meditative state of mind. Then again, that's just me.


I think I hate my job. I know, I know...I was the one who took it, right? But contrary to unpopular belief though, I took this job 'cos it affords me the opportunity to be a lil' closer to my home base (remember sey omo boy wan enter politics). But after three months in it, I definitely do believe I hate it. What to do? I'm scheming to:

  1. Get into the brand communications department of the bank; or
  2. Get another job in advertising.


Either ways, by God's grace, come next month, I'm back to my beloved Lagos. So if any y'all know of any vacancy in an ad agency for a copywriter (said agency must be willing to pay "kidnappers' salary" LOL), or a vacancy in the corporate affairs or brand communications department of a company that is "holding", let your boy Muse know.


I seriously believe I've been in some relationships for the wrong reasons. I don't know. This is what I believe though, when I see her, I will know. So, here goes my undertaking from now on: stay away from "something more". We can be friends, but that's all it's going to be. I'm too much of a contradiction to be in any relationship now.


The new theme for the phase of my life is Faze's "Originality". That song 'ministers' to me. Preach!


So, someone said the rainfall was the almighty One taking a piss. Right. Some statements I rather not even reply. Someone else said it was God shedding a tear. If that's the case, then God must really have a lot to cry about. Well, whatever the case may be, I just love the rain.


CaramelD said...

Oh so happy for you! This must have been a hard decision to make but I am happy that you get liver jare! Go back to Lagos!! There are different avenues to your dream, no need to give up a profession you love for it!

You will find a job in Jesus name Amen! In fact I will light a candle for you in church on Sunday :)

Signed, Official Copywriters Groupie

Muse said...

@CaramelD: thanks luv. Already grateful for the candle. Cracked up at the groupie're just the right amount of craze.

About your family...everything will work out just fine.

Freaksho said...

This maaaaaaaaan!quit dancing in the the HELL do you expect to get a better job when your would-be-employers see you dancing in the rain???lol.come back home, know you wanna.

~Sirius~ said...

LOL @ Caramel D........real copy writer groupie..........*wink

Hey Man.....What you did at 1st was really brave- Leaving to work at a job you hate near home.

But this.......I can't even describe.

Knowing you hate the job and location, even though they are suppose to help your political career in the near future (right?)

You decided to up and leave- finding your way back to your happy place.

Have no fear.....Make that 2 candles from Ms D and me.

Ps: before I put up a post here- I'm out.
PPs: DRAW the LINES with any females in your life oh!- or dig your grave....he he he.
PPPS: Concerning you and the rain- I know that feeling.

Muse said...

@sirius: was looking out for the PPPPS! thanks for the candle luv...i'm feeling hopeful already!

About dem gurls...never mind...the lines are drawn. ta!

incoherent said...

one thing i CAN say about you is that you're brave. it takes a lot of guts to quit a great job and move to follow a dream. takes even more guts to admit you want back the life you walked away from.

i love the rain too. makes me think and helps me concentrate. and that smell!! YUM!!

relationships. know how you feel about that. until you're right with yourself, its hard to be anything to someone else. hope gf understands?

in everything, i wish you the best and keep updating dude!!

ibiluv said...

I hate you cos the rains are making me miserable!!!!!!!!!

hurry back to copywriting pal-what did u think banks are for???

yea you make mad cheddars but the system just bores you to death.....*wink*