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Saturday, April 11, 2009

I have a dream...

Some people argue that dreams are a subconscious repetition of events that we’ve let play around in our minds over a long period of time, especially just before hitting the sack. Others argue that dreams are a bridge between the physical and the supernatural worlds. Whatever it is, – subconscious repetition or supernatural bridge – lately I’ve been dreaming.

And it ain’t been pretty.

I get home from work, barely manage to undress while simultaneously hitting the sack, watch a bit of Commander In Chief (don’t you just love that stubborn gal, Mac?) and doze off. Now one might think that after a particularly stressful day of talking to an ill-mannered, unapologetically annoying dude with bad breath, and who thinks that an LC (letter of credit) is someone’s English name, one would have a pleasant, eventless dream full of rolling landscapes and three little birds.


Somehow, my now-obviously warped mind manoeuvres events in my dream to bring me right back to...wait for it...WORK! Yep. These days, I’ve opened just about any type of account the bank has in my dream. And just to think that a few weeks ago I was laughing at a colleague for complaining that she was marketing in her dream. Now it seems I do too. Not fair. Not fair at all!

But my mind’s even more messed up than I think.

After endlessly complaining about my dream job (no pun intended), I finally had a break.

I had a dream, yes, but not one about work! I was coordinating a high-level rescue operation for a top-secret government agency (don’t ask me which), and I was pretty much on top of my game. Trust me, I’m bad!

So. I’m coordinating this operation, when this theme music starts playing (somehow, I suspect Enya had a hand in this) just when the building blows up with one of my men inside! WHAT?! NO!!!!!!!!!!! And in the usual turn-of-events of Hollywood movies, the characters start revealing their faces while showing strong emotions when – and I swear I screamed out so loud my younger brother abruptly stopped snoring in his room – my horror-filled scream tore through the thin fabric of the night.


God help me. Somehow I've got to meet that target.


~Sirius~ said...

Ok, you dream about work so much that your secret agent fantasy stars your Co-workers! Dude! You have to fix this and fix it fast!

incoherent said...

lol! better you than me dude. me i have really awesome dreams about....wait for it....freddy kruger, jason...basically every annoying slasher movie. if it was made, its been played out in my dream. and when thats not happening, i'm dreaming about numbers, formulas, topisomerases and the like. YAY me.

flygirlbidiish said...

i'm soooo sorry - i burst out laffin when i read u had ur colleagues in ur dream awwwww
u prolly need to indulge in very lovely cakes,icecreams,jell-o,chocolates,sweet white wine....omg the list could go on but i seem to b gettin hungry....before u go to bed who knows ur dreams could turn out...

ibiluv said...


libra said...

just wen u tot u had nailed it in the movie industry,reality hits u in the as co-stars ain't that funny....

Splash said...

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